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August 26, 2015:

See the homicide list here or you can

So far in 2016, the number of dead is: 0

Wishard Referendum

This November, a referendum (question) will be presented for us to vote on. As currently written, the question is filled with irrelevant wording.

"Shall the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana, issue bonds or enter into a lease to finance safe, efficient and functional facilities for the Wishard Hospital project:
  1. to allow Wishard to provide access to care for all residents of Marion County, including people who are seniors, poor uninsured or vulnerable regardless of their ability to pay; and
  2. to allow Wishard to provide specialized care, including to victims usffering from traumatic injuries or severe burns; and
  3. to allow Wishard to work with colleges and universities including Indiana University School of Medicine, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Purdue School of Pharmacy, to teach future doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in Indiana?"

The REAL question is much simpler:

Do you want to have your property tax "cap" circumvented to raise an additional $750 Million (or more) to build a completely new Wishard Hospital rather than spread Wishard's services across the numerous other modern and well-equipped area hospitals?

Of all the nerve...

Our reply:

"Mayor Ballard has not lived up to his campaign promises and has instead followed the same path as Bart Peterson. I cannot assist him in any way as long as he maintains his current policies."

Looks like a re-election campaign is under way. How can that be, given Candidate Ballard's original promise regarding running for a 2nd term?

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people worship me!
What to get the billionaire who has everything

We were wrong AND we're being wronged

It's impossible to make sense out of Mayor Ballard's decision to speak to the closed-door committee regarding the CIB having gone bust thanks to their incompetence when it came to negotiating the deal for Lucas Oil Stadium and the current whining and begging from Simon and Simon, the quickly-going-broke owners of the Pacers.

Mayor Ballard is NOT the small-government, taxpayer's friend that he pretended to be while he campaigned. In fact, it seems as if his appearance from out of nowhere may have been a sly and calculated put-up job by the now-president of the CIB, Mr Bob Grand. What else could it be? He and the mayor go back a number of years as acquaintances, reportedly thanks their children being schooled together. Was the campaign just a scheme hatched during a series of parent's night meetings at school?

We wonder.

At every turn, the so-called development of downtown Indianapolis has placed additional burden onto the backs of taxpayers. They are apparently going to do it yet again. The 'fix' for the CIB's nearly $50 million debt is (as always) to pile more taxes onto those of us who unfortunately decided to call Central Indiana 'home.' On April 2, 2009, the evidence points to another round of taxation being meted out by the General Assembly. All done fron behind closed doors.

The projects that the CIB has undertaken are uniformly hailed as economic development and we are handed a neverending stream of hollow speeches from out-of-touch (and typically very wealthy) spokespeople. They make unsubstantiated claims of enormous quantities of money coming into the region thanks to their particular pet project. The numbers are always 'estimates' from whatever study they have at hand. Never do they provide any documentation of their data that could be reviewed or *gasp* audited by an outside agency.

No, we are handed the vague promise of great things to come. Jobs, tax dollars, visitor spending, and so on.

Somehow, though, we always come up short. The vaporous tax dollars go somewhere, but they don't seem to cover the debt racked up by the CIB's follies. And we taxpayers always end up having to take it on the chin.

And the cycle repeats: Build, tax, build, tax. Meanwhile, the things that are meaningful to the general citizen on a daily basis - the roads, sidewalks, parks, schools, dining out, public transportation - all get neglected through bare-minimum funding.

The people running this city and state are completely uncaring and self-serving. Their cronies and (in many cases their employers) are benefitting tremendously while the taxpayers for whom they also work and by whom they were granted the privilege of holding office are shafted.

And Mayor Ballard has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the taxpayers he pledged to stand with and for.

It's just astonishing and incomprehensible. Well, those are the nice words we'll publish to describe it all. You can surely figure out what we'd actually like to say.

Oh Hell, we'll say it anyway: YOU SONS OF BITCHES!

Revolt at the Statehouse

Just discovered this site today, 2/20/09. Hell, yeah! Let's do it!

There was considerable outrage 2 years ago, but LOTS of you folks seemed to cave in and stopped showing up. This time, get onboard and stay onboard. Clearly we were almost there last time when we were faced with huge property tax increases. This time for SURE!

Ed Coleman departs Republican party for Libertarian party

Who can blame him? The way Tom John is hosing not only the people of Indianapolis, but all Republicans currently in office!

Cudos to him for having the courage to break with the Tom John Machine. How many times have I heard talk about making Indy a 'World Class City?' It seems like 'Step 1' may be 'Look and act like Chicago.' All we need is our own Blagojevich. Checking the local news it seems like we have one, but we just don't know who it is yet, what with the CIB suddenly out of money, billionaires wanting millions more to prop up their failing franchises, Circle Centre Mall 'partners' worrying whether they'll ever recoup their millions in investments.

Pay for play, indeed! Taxpayers pay, billionaires play.

We hope Ed Coleman is but the first to break from the pack and follow their consciences, not some loose-cannon party chair.

Hoosiers... WE have a PROBLEM!

Jimmy Irsay's view of things:

"The Wilfs can't put $600 million into a stadium. That's never going to happen," Irsay said. "You'd never make it back in five lifetimes."

So what chance do we taxpayers have of making it back before the thing gets replaced in 25 years?

2008 comes to a close

Are we prematurely putting 2008 to 'bed'? Will the final count remain at 123 or will we see another of our neighbors taken from us before the clock strikes midnight? Well, on a positive note, right now the death toll is 2 fewer than last year.

On a pessimistic note, we recall the count for this year BEGAN in the wee hours of January 1st - perhaps before many of you even made it home from your parties - with the death of Ronnie Croom Jr.

Be careful, watch your back, and let's look forward to a happy, properous and safer 2009.

From now on...
... just hand one of these out to panhandlers.
We suspected the GOP had it's head there for awhile... Now there's proof.
Oct 7th: Well, that bailout is working really well.... Another 500+ point drop in the Dow today.

10-20-LIFE: Such a simple idea!

Florida developed this tiered approach to dealing with gun-related crime. It has apparently worked well. Indiana Senate District 30 candidate Steve Keltner is pushing for a similar law in Indiana. Given the crime rate we continue to see in Indianapolis alone, there's ample reason to pursue it. Of the 96 homicides so far in Indianapolis during 2008, 74 have been by firearm. Just stop and think: How many of those 74 might still be alive if their killers had been given an extra 10 or 20 years because they used a gun in a previous crime? Instead of being out in 3-5 years, they would have still been behind bars.

Gun control laws are wrong on their face and they don't work anyway. They only affect the law-abiding citizen. The 10-20-LIFE program targets the criminal element. That's what we need. Spread the word about 10-20-LIFE

10-20-LIFE has helped to drive down Florida's violent-gun crime rates by 30%. The state's 2004, "Index Crime" rate is now the lowest in 34 years, and the violent crime rate is the lowest in a quarter century.

The 10-20-LIFE public information program continues. The Florida Department of Corrections, in conjunction with the Executive Office of the Governor, and the Florida Legislature continue to inform the public that Florida's tolerance for crime is over. Staff from the Department of Corrections has provided several community presentations on gun violence, and distributed materials about 10-20-LIFE.

In 1998, criminals in Florida used guns to commit 31,643 violent felonies, including 13,937 armed robberies. That year, the mandatory punishment for using a gun to commit a violent felony was only three years in prison. During his campaign for Governor in 1998, Jeb Bush proposed the toughest gun-crime law in the nation: 10-20-LIFE. Under 10-20-LIFE, a felon who used a gun to commit a crime like armed robbery would face at least 10 years in state prison.

The 1999 Florida Legislature passed sweeping legislation that provides for enhanced minimum mandatory prison terms for offenders who commit crimes with guns.


  • Mandates a minimum 10 year prison term for certain felonies, or attempted felonies in which the offender possesses a firearm or destructive device
  • Mandates a minimum 20 year prison term when the firearm is discharged
  • Mandates a minimum 25 years to LIFE if someone is injured or killed
  • Mandates a minimum 3 year prison term for possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Mandates that the minimum prison term is to be served consecutively to any other term of imprisonment imposed

The ten-year track record in Florida has shown that the idea works. Contact Steve, or whomever is your senator or representative, to voice your support. Steve is actively recruiting volunteers to help spread the word on this concept. Contact him at either or (317) 352-2220, contact your friends, contact the media.

Steve Keltner's blog page on 10-20-LIFE - Details on how Florida's law works.

C'mere you big lunk

(Lovingly photoshopped, just like "Obama's Certification of Birth")

I don't want a pickle...
Senate at work


Congress at work

You really think you're making progress here?

O Hail the Messiah
Mayor's budget proposal on Monday August 11.

See Hoosiers for Fair Taxation for more on this, but it's a call for a 1 year reunion for all the folks who raised their voices and placards in opposition to the Peterson Dynasty and also the Property Tax debacle.

Pray for Officer Fishburn's swift and complete recovery

The news continues to be good, and Ofc. Fishburn improves everyday. This has been a miracle.

Good Minton - Bad Minton

"Once established, harder to get rid of than Kudzu"
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New kid on the block

The Indy Blue Rollcall blog surfaced a few days ago. Their aim seems to be to carry on the 'cleaner' side of IndyUndercover. We need a source of the straight scoop without the rabblerousers. Looks like this could be it.

Bart's parting shot - massive document shredding

IndyStar January 6, 2008

Behind closed doors
Mayoral transition anything but smooth
Both parties apparently ran into some transition friction in the final days before Bart Peterson surrendered the mayor's office to Greg Ballard.

Ballard this past week said Peterson wouldn't let his people enter the 25th-floor offices. But the level of animosity between the two camps went beyond that, though not quite reaching the legendary removal of W's from the keyboards in the White House at the end of President Bill Clinton's administration. John Cochran, Ballard's transition director, said the Peterson team became less cooperative toward the end. As one example, he led a visiting reporter on a tour of a disheveled office supply room on the 25th floor that looked as if a sour grape had exploded inside it.

Several employees in the City-County Building said the shredding machine was going nonstop in the final week of Peterson's tenure, with the remains hauled directly to waiting city trash trucks. Justin Ohlemiller, Peterson's former deputy chief of staff, declined to comment on the question of whether the staff destroyed documents willy-nilly. He said the outgoing administration acted "professionally." He offered this statement: "File cabinet after file cabinet there is full of public records. Everything they need to run city government is there."

Greg Wilson, the city's new director of minority business affairs, was unhappy about the situation. "The sad thing is that they were acting like those were their documents," Wilson said. "Those records are the citizens' documents. Tax money paid to produce them."
Man that's beautiful
A new year arrives

Well, it's 2008. We start a new homicide count today. The number for 2007 was 125. We've already got #1 for the new year. The 2007 total ends up at 18 less than 2006's 140 killings, but we all know that year was an exception, a big spike. The count was a mere 96 during Bart's first term, and never reached 110 - except for last year.

Let's hope 2008 sees that number drop way down under the watchful eyes of Scott Newman and Greg Ballard. Keeping this list updated is really not any fun.

Another hat in the ring?

We hear rumblings that Melyssa Donaghy is considering running for the 7th District congressional seat as a Libertarian. Melyssa recently won the Sam Adams Alliance's "Sammie" award for her tireless efforts protest the ever-increasing property tax burden in Indiana. She also worked many long hours as part of the grassroots effort that successfully replaced the evil Bart Peterson with Greg Ballard. Perhaps it's time we sent a fighter to Congress, instead of a 'er